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In the cruel spiral of a crisis, it’s often hard to tell which way is up. 

In frightening circumstances, families require sound guidance, support and hope. In those desperate moments, Tvunot stops the spinning, and helps find the path towards relief.    

Tvunot was founded by people who know. And who care.

Tvunot was founded in 2001 by members of Israel’s English-speaking community who understood the severity of some families’ struggles - particularly, immigrants. Originally established as a small resource network and family guidance center, Tvunot has grown to meet the community’s needs, and has since evolved into a full-fledged resource and support center for all families.

Family and child counselling for Olim in crisis

Help during sudden crisis and trauma.

Today, Tvunot helps families with everything from moderate life hurdles, to issues as serious as molestation, addiction and mental illness. We mobilize emergency help through high-level intervention with school administrations, set up immediate psychological or psychiatric support, and contact specialized police division for protection and safety if necessary. We remain closely involved until things have stabilized. 

Tvunot also balloons its services and support during wars and increased terror attacks. “Against the backdrop of all of these ongoing issues, the second intifada started in 2000, and we have been actively counseling those families affected by terrorism in Jerusalem. The Har Nof massacre touched the english speaking community very closely, and so we opened a hotline in response, and sponsored a workshop for those parents who were affected by the trauma.” - Rena Orlowek, Founder. 

As necessary, Tvunot coordinates support for families in bomb shelters during and after the wars in the South and the North. Tvunot also works to find safe homes for fleeing families, simultaneously sending specialized therapists to work with the traumatized children. 

Individualized aid for the unique needs of each family.

Upon first reaching out to Tvunot, families go through an initial screening process to determine the significant issues to be addressed in order to reach the most effective, comprehensive and impactful intervention. We help navigate complicated government and social service systems as needed, and guide families to appropriate therapists, facilities and specialized testing as necessary. Tvunot also provides parenting workshops and lectures for today’s changing world, leading the charge in education to address the growing challenges of keeping children safe in the face of potential abuse, societal pitfalls, and misuse of technology.


If you help us, we can help others.

Tvunot works tirelessly to support its community, but is only as strong as the community from which it gleans support. To support Tvunot, click here. If you need help, contact us.

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